Libbie was born in Rexburg, Idaho and divided her childhood between Eastern Idaho's rural environs and the greater Seattle area.  She presently lives in Seattle, but has also been a resident of Salt Lake City, Utah; Bellingham, Washington; and Tacoma, Washington.  She loves to write about character and place, and is inspired by the bleak natural beauty of the Rocky Mountain region and by the fascinating history of the Puget Sound.  She will opt for high mountains, sage deserts, and heavy rainclouds over a sunny, sandy beach any day of the week.

She has held a broad and bizarre range of "day jobs" while pursuing a career as a novelist.  Included among these are zoo keeper, show dog handler, animal trainer, bookseller, yarn dyer, wedding photographer, caretaker for a woman with dementia, and admitting at a huge 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital.  Her only real professional aspiration, though, is to write full-time -- a goal she's held since she first read Watership Down at the age of eight.  Libbie attended college for two classes before she figured out one doesn't need a formal education to write well; she only managed to get a high school diploma by writing a damn good short story in the eleventh hour of her senior year.  And by having a lot of charm.

When she's not writing, you can find Libbie hiking, painting landscapes and portraits with pastel and watercolor, road tripping through the West, and rockhounding with her friends in their amateur-hour mineral club, "Apatite for Destruction."

Libbie's writerly influences are varied, and include Vladimir Nabokov, Annie Dillard, Michael Ondaatje, George R. R. Martin, songwriter Neko Case, and mixed-media storyteller Chris Onstad, to name a few.  Her short fiction has previously appeared in the magazines Flash Me and The Town Drunk.

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