Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh, wow, an update!

Obviously by now you realize that I suck at updating my blog. My life is turmoilful at the moment, and it keeps me distracted when I'm not writing. I haven't been writing near enough lately, either.

Work on Baptism for the Dead is clipping along well enough. It's a hard book to write, without an outline. But I am getting there. Still enjoying it, still feeling good about it.

I'm feeling awfully tired and stressed, and that's all I really have the energy to say right now. I need to shower and get over to the library so I can get my writing in for the day. Tonight, I am going to a meetup with the Seattle Skeptics, and really looking forward to both getting out and meeting some new people. Writers can isolate themselves, you know, physically and emotionally. I am feeling of late a very strong need for physical affection and emotional connection, and the lack of that makes me cranky and pained. Which is generally a good mood to be in while I write, at any rate, so let's get this show on the road and wallop 2500 words or so.


  1. Turmoilful -- I'm all with you. Hope the meet w/ the Skeptics (sounds like my kind of group) can dam some of the tide.

  2. I think there's a funk going around- I can't wait for this week to end and school to get out of the summer. Then I think I'll finally be able to breathe again!