Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Querying update.

It's going well. I'm sending out a couple new queries each day and have been steadily for over two weeks now. I am getting some nibbles here and there. I am feeling hopeful about this book. It's definitely not a "sure thing" kind of book (if there is such a thing at all) -- I know it will require a lot of luck to find the absolutely correct agent for it, and to hit him or her at just the right time. And then it will require the same amount of fortuitous timing (and agent savvy) to find precisely the right editor. And then that editor will have to convince Acquisitions to actually buy it. So I'm expecting a lengthy process, but I am feeling hope.

More news when something becomes news.


  1. I'm sending you the best of good luck vibes! And keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. It is truly an uphill battle. It's like climbing a mountain, only people are throwing things at your the entire way up, like rejection letters. I'm so glad I found you!