Monday, October 15, 2012

The Friendly Atheist does what it says on the tin.

I recently approached Hemant Mehta over at The Friendly Atheist with a few ideas for how I might get Baptism for the Dead to appear on his blog.  (He's got quite a wide audience, in case you are a non-believer who lives under a rock.)  I didn't really expect much of a response, since bloggers and other media personalities are still largely in the "so what; not impressed" phase when dealing with self-published authors.  But dang, Hemant was just so friendly.  I guess that should not surprise me.  He suggested posting an excerpt, and by Jingo, there it is.

Thank you, Hemant, and welcome and hello to new readers of my own humble blog, who found it via the link at The Friendly Atheist.  I hope you stick around; I hope you enjoy Baptism for the Dead.


  1. Just finished reading the book. In fact I am writing this from my iPad on lazy Sunday morning, not quite wanting to seat at my desk yet.
    This is a book I won't soon forget. Both for the story and the vivid prose. I told my wife that I was reading a new book that was like reading a painting.
    I am sad it's over already but I am happy I read it for I feel richer for it.

    Than you

  2. Thank you very much, Mario! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. :)

  3. OK. Wow. So, I feel in love with your writing in TSB. Now, After finding THIS out, I think I love you more. And please hurry with The Crook and Flail!!

  4. Hey, Allison! Thanks for stopping by. OHHHHHH, BELIEVE ME, there is nothing I'd love more right now than to be done with The Crook and Flail! ha ha ha. Hopefully it will be done before Thanksgiving, because I'd really love to not worry about anything but cooking for Thanksgiving. We'll see, though. As I posted on the other blog, it keeps needing more action scenes, which is good for the pace of the book but really annoying for me because I have to constantly rejigger the entire book to reference the added action, every time I have to add more action. ARRGH.

    If you are looking for a good atheism yarn, you might want to read Baptism for the Dead. As always, honest reviews are welcome, since that's the only way a self-published author like me ever sells more books.

  5. It sounds like you are very ready for Hati to let you rest!

    I picked it up. Sounds VERY relevant to me, in fact. Minus the gay husband part. HA!