Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am dead beat!

When I'm employed, I'm a zoo keeper. And I've been unemployed (except for a short stint as a seasonal worker at a book store, which was pretty darn fun) since the end of December. However, to keep my resume active I have been volunteering four days a week at the local zoo. It's been great to get experience with a variety of animals, and this same zoo just posted a few jobs, which I have applied hopefully soon I'll be working again.

In the meantime, though, volunteering has been a rewarding but tiring experience. Today I got a real workout, shoveling gravel to build a ramp in ostrich holding, and disinfecting the ungulate barn (this involved an inordinate amount of vigorous scrubbing). My goodness, I won't have to worry about doing an upper-body workout at the gym for a couple of days. I have a feeling I'm going to be extremely sore for quite a while.

Now, I need a nap like nobody's business. Attacking zebra poo with a scrub-brush for a solid hour will really take it out of you. When I wake up, it will be back to work on Book 2. I'd like to get as much of it written and cleaned up as I can, because tomorrow I'm supposed to hear back from the editor at Crown who currently has my book. If she wants to buy it, GREAT! If she doesn't, my agent is sending Book 1 out on wide submission...which is exciting and a little bit scary! Either way, I'd like to get as much written as I can on another Egyptian historical, just in case somebody somewhere expresses interest in buying more than one book. I'm crossing my very tired fingers!

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