Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back to work, Libbie!

Life has bee extremely rocky lately. Rocky and surprising and sad and strange. But good, on the whole. Good.

The bad thing is that I haven't been writing, except for a poem a day, which I'm grateful for -- at least it's SOME practice daily, however brief. That's over with today, though.

I had a good talk with a friend about where Baptism is going, and it's made me think harder about the theme(s) I want to put into this book. In order to do it right, I need to finish reading a nonfiction book before I proceed with Baptism, take copious notes, and determine what from history I need to secretly weave into the manuscript. I'll need to set aside some reading time daily to get through this long book, but it'll be worth it.

In the meantime, in order to clear the cobwebs from my brain I'm going to return to the commercially fun Egypt 2.0 (still trying to think of a decent title for that one!) and hammer out as much as I can before inspiration re-ignites for Baptism.

The summer is getting close to being over, and I want to get as much accomplished during this season as I can. Time to get back to work with a vengeance.


  1. I haven't accomplished much writing this summer either, but I've done a ton of editing. I'm feeling the itch to write again which is a good thing- that's what I was waiting for.

  2. I hadn't written much of my new WIP (coincidentally, also in Egypt but in 1799) for some time. I went on vacation for a week with my family and ended up writing 9000 words in the woods--and have been doing 500+ a day since I got back. Sometimes you just need a jump start. Hang on, Libbie, and something will spur you to action.

  3. Back to work with a vengeance.

    I like that!