Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So what YA should I be reading?

Okay, party people. It's time to recommend some good YA for Libbie. Since I am still in the thrall of Good Idea that Won't Let Go, and as you know from the previous blog post it is a YA novel (damn it...I'm still kind of ticked that I am going to write YA. I've got nothing against the genre at all -- I like to read it, in fact -- but EVERYBODY is writing YA. It's like vampires and zombies. Everybody!) I need to read more YA lit.

So tell me...what should I be reading? Please recommend your favorites here. Danke!


  1. Hrm. I don't read a lot of YA but, I love Tamora Pierce's books. They're fantasy YA, all really wonderful. I also really enjoyed Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men trilogy (standard Terry Pratchett but YA). I honestly can't think of any other YA that I've read, offhand. I'm sure there have been some, I just don't remember.

    Anyway, good luck with your new Idea. ^_^

  2. The Hunger Games trilogy, hands down. Okay, I haven't read the third one, but I've actually re-read the first two because they were so good.

    Also, I loved Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I just finished it- it's got one of those endings to savor for a long time. I love the overall message too.

  3. I've read The Hunger Games but I must confess Catching Fire couldn't hold my attention. It just didn't grab me the way THG did. I'll eventually finish it and then get around to Mockingjay, though. I really loved THG and was so disappointed that I didn't get into the second book.

  4. I dunno... I find myself wanting to give you the same advice as Gold Squadron: Stay On Target!

    But if you truly love... I mean LOVE... the new YA concept, you will succeed brilliantly.

    In any case, there's no reason your Egypt books can't cross over to YA. Unless they're, you know, wildly inappropriate... in which case kids are guaranteed to want them :)

  5. Let's see ... John Green's books, like Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns, and Maureen Johnson's books--I especially like Suite Scarlett and Scarlett Fever. Harry Potter, of course. Twilight even if it's not your thing. For fantasy, I'd point you toward staples like anything by Robin McKinley, Megan Whalen Turner ... for urban fantasy, try Wicked Lovely. For sci fi, check out The Uglies trilogy. I was going to suggest The Hunger Games, but I see you've already read it :-P

  6. Also I looked at your favorite books list ... Lord of the Flies, Watership Down, and Ender's Game are all considered by some people to be YA so you can check those off your list :-)

    PS Ender's Game and Lord of the Flies are two of my favorites as well ...