Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's not every day...

Not every day you get to buy one of your favorite writers dinner and beer. Welcome to Seattle, Ted! We're glad to have you here.

And I would like to point out that Seattle is steadily accumulating all the really cool authors. In your face, New York! WESTSIIIDE!


  1. Lol:) Short, but sweet. Also, your novel and the era look interesting, can I learn more about it?

  2. Hi, Mark

    There's not a whole lot to tell you at this's on sale through my agent and there's been some encouraging interest from editors but no offers yet. I'm confident we'll hit the right editor at the right time, though. :)

    It's about Queen Ahmose, who was the mother of Hatshepsut -- Hatshepsut being, of course, the first woman to rule Egypt as Pharaoh. I guess in some ways it's your typical "wives fighting to produce an heir first" historical novel, but I think some of the twists I threw in are kind of fun. As far as I know, I am the only author to date who's delivered DEATH BY VULTURE to one of her characters. :D I love vultures, so I couldn't resist.

    I've got another Egyptian historical partially written (also offered to an editor through my awesome agent, but no word yet!) and that one's about the first part of Hatshepsut's life, from her childhood until she takes the throne fully, as king (as opposed to queen and/or regent.) A third Egyptian historical is outlined that covers the latter half of Hatshepsut's life and explores her rocky relationship with her daughter, Neferure.

    And I've got scads of other plans for historicals, one literary/contemporary "road trip" novel in the works, and I'm slowly working out an outline for a YA novel tentatively titled "Band Geek," which draws on the real high school adventures of my friends and myself. We had some good times. Hopefully they'll make for good fiction. We'll see!

    Welcome to my blog!