Thursday, November 18, 2010


There are so many tiny moments in a given day that make me say oh, oh, oh my god, that are the reasons why I write. How can I ever tell the world about the beautiful suspense in the drawn-out moment, the too-full beer glass passing behind my head as slow as sap waking, the held breath and the stillness, even the dart-throwers downshifting, and the surface of the red beer tilts just beside my left eye, cross-section of a mobile sphere wobbling, and lips open in very slow motion to expose teeth, to drink. How can I show you if I don't write?

I don't really want to be writing what I'm writing now. I am just hedging my bets, because I want a contract and just enough money to keep me alive until I can get another contract, and then another.

What I really want to be writing is Baptism for the Dead. And then Band Geek. But I'm going to finish what I started, because it's commercial, and it might sell. I don't have much enthusiasm for it. I really just want to tinker with words and images. I don't want to stick to a formula and I don't want to be this commercial.

But I do want a contract.

But more than that, I want to show you all the little things that are worth noticing.

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