Thursday, November 18, 2010


Over 16,000 words now and rarin' to get going on the rest. I'm a bit sad that I have to pack up my 'puter and head out for work. But there's always the lunch break for working in more writing, eh?

In the meantime, here is the last paragraph of what I wrote this morning. My aim here is to write a fun and very commercial historical novel, and what fun commercial historical novel would be complete without a mystery that can only be solved by spying? Spying inside a royal palace? Spying via secret passageways?

Nehesi had described this passage as being the length of six men lying head to foot. Yet it seemed to take a season of blind groping to reach its end. When she drew near the passage’s terminus, Hatshepsut’s eyes became quietly, vaguely aware of a lesser blackness, a paling of the dark. She paused, strained her eyes wide open to be certain they were open at all, and stared at the colorless ghost of light. The longer she stared, the more certain she became. Here was a broken, inverse twin to what she had found in the servants’ hall: another stone door at the corridor’s end, its edges defined by the faintest trace of lamp light coming from within the lesser audience chamber.

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  1. Good stuff Libbie, but should you be giving it up online like this? Not that anyone will steal it--but you WILL be published and when that happens you sign over all the rights to your work; it will be up to Random House or Harper-Collins whether your words show up on a blog for free.