Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Progress-ish? Progress-esque?

I have been able to turn out about 1000 words a day, except for a few days here and there where I had appointments to jet to or other stuff to take care of that kept me away from my keyboard until bed time. It's still too soon to say that I am "cured" of my "writer's block," but I do feel that I'm making some good headway. I've had to chop out a few scenes that just weren't working in Baptism, so the word count is just shy of 34,000 words at present, but I don't mind taking a few steps back if I can be assured that the next steps I'll take forward will really get me somewhere.

Interesting factoid: the theme of this book has changed a lot since I first set out to write it. Now it seems very intent on being about a woman reclaiming her sexuality and ridding herself of guilt in a post-religion life. I like where that's going. It's feeling more and more right all the time. I'll need to re-tweak the beginning just a bit, but only to alter some imagery to fit the new theme.

If I can keep up this pace, I should have the book ready for serious revision around this time next month. But I am not willing to celebrate yet -- it's still uncertain whether I can keep up this pace.

I've got my fingers crossed.


  1. It's great when a book takes an unexpected direction. Good luck with it!

  2. That's one of the things I love the most about writing, when the story grabs hold of you and says "No, we're gonna go this way now..."!

  3. A 1000 words a day should be doable...Simenon wrote his Maigret books in 9 days. Well, not all the dozens of books in 9 days, but each in 9 days.

    Having said that - I sometimes average 0 words a day.

    But if you've got the momentum, Libbie, keep it going!

  4. Hi Libbie. I wandered here from the AW forums. 1000 words a day is great!

    And oh: "Now it seems very intent on being about a woman reclaiming her sexuality and ridding herself of guilt in a post-religion life." Seriously - this is exactly what my novel has evolved into as well. When I created my MC I had no idea she would blossom in such a way but somehow or another she has and the story is just as much about her forging her own identity in every sense as it is about the main conflict, her maybe-spiritual-awakening, maybe-psychotic-breakdown. I'm going to keep up with your blog...

  5. Oh, awesome, Stephanie! I'll keep up with yours as well. :)