Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I both love and hate when I discover an author or book that is so good it makes me wonder whether I will ever be that awesome. I hate it, because I feel some jealousy over these authors' ideas, styles, and methods. I wish I'd thought of their books first.

And I love it, because it gives me something to aim for. I like having the bar raised consistently higher.

Today I downloaded the audiobook of Clare Clark's The Nature of Monsters for my trip to the gym. I am only twenty minutes into it (painful ladycramps prevented me from doing my usual two-hour ass-busting at the gym) and already I know it's a love/hate book. I am not surprised that I love it so much, yet it has only an average of three stars in Audible's reviews. Often the books I enjoy the most are the ones that sharply divide readers. I like darkness, despair, icky sexuality, and raw, unpleasant emotion. That doesn't spell a great time with a book for every reader.

But it does for me.

Go buy it now.

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