Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's this...a paycheck?

Settle down; it's not for my book (yet.)

I will soon be officially employed once more, working a very part-time shift as an "attendant," the ultimate foot-in-the-door position at Woodland Park Zoo. I'm very excited, since it's extremely difficult to land an attendant position at WPZ (and everybody starts out as an attendant, unless they already have significant animal care experience on their resume from other facilities.) I'll still need to draw unemployment to make up for the gap in my expenses that this job will NOT fill, but I'm beyond thrilled at the opportunity. I'll be working with birds -- yay! My favorite!

And who knows -- my book may sell sooner than I expect, and keep me afloat while I wedge that foot farther inside the door. Sure would be nice to wedge it in far enough that I can get benefits! Oh, this economy. What can we do but shrug and laugh about it?

The best part is that this job will leave me with PLENTY of time to continue to write like a crazy woman. My plan of turning in three new novels to my agent before year's end should continue unimpeded. And given how productive I can be this summer, who knows? Maybe I'll be able to get a multiple-book deal. A girl can dream!