Friday, June 11, 2010

Audiobook time!

Ahh...nothing like downloading a new audiobook to cheer me up. I am currently acquiring This Side of Paradise (Fitzgerald) to listen to while I paint. In the bull pen is Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Several of my friends have been singing the praises of Murakami and I haven't read any of his works yet, except for one short story which was weird and very good and a little bit sad. Just the kind of writing I like.

I am a voracious consumer of audiobooks -- in fact, it's only recently that I've gone back to reading the traditional way with any regularity. I'm not sure why this is -- maybe it has something to do with my short stint as a bookseller. Audiobooks are my usual schtick, though -- I listen to them while I'm driving, at the gym, jogging, and while doing any kind of artistic activity. When I don't have a book to listen to, it's the podcast of PRI Selected Shorts or other short-fiction podcasts, and when those run dry I turn to This American Life and The Moth. I am a story addict -- what can I say?

I've got a subscription at (highly recommended!) and take full advantage of it. My iPod gets a good workout every day.

If you've never done the audiobook thing, you don't know what you're missing!


  1. I do love audiobooks (though I've never checked out audible). I find that they make some books I would be otherwise unable to finish be bearable.


  2. I read Kafka on the Shore last summer for a book club. It is by far the strangest book I've ever read. And I've read a few strange ones. You'll have to let us know what you think of it.